The Daily Mail and Lord Dacre appeasing again


DM can stand for Direct Messages in Twitter or the Daily Mail out there in the big bad world. I don’t read either, and all my friends know that I never read British newspapers of any kind.

Nonetheless there are always those that like to sympathise: today I’ve had plenty of, “Ooh you seem to have…

Most Americans have no idea that The Daily Mail is a piece of trash, and I often see it cited as truth. Earlier this year Stephen Fry told it like it is.



Early in the day on June 30, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge gathered his family at the White House for a series of photographs. The President and his wife, Grace, stood in the center of one photograph, with Rob Roy, one of their beloved dogs between them. The Coolidge’s oldest son, John,…


(You should tell your kids that they’re autistic went over 1300 views today alone, 10,000 total views, and 4,000 facebook shares today while I was in tech.)

Good on you! You’re such a good writer!

pzkpfwcrusader said: So how did you overcome nervousness in dating? I didn't start dating until my late twenties and three years in I have no idea how to hide it from women. Bluntness gets me by at work but not much else.


My philosophy for overcoming nervousness is that everyone is a person. Once you strip a person down from the money/clothes/friends, they’re a human being with thoughts on their mind and they only think of themselves as themselves. The smartest, richest, most beautiful people still have insecurities and flaws. Just be confident in who you are and don’t question your words or actions. I realized this only a couple years ago and it gets me through interviews, meeting celebrities or very wealthy people, and dates. You can do it!

Jean Luc Picard and A. Dalek were married today in a private ceremony.

Jean Luc Picard and A. Dalek were married today in a private ceremony.

The kid I babysit for asked me yesterday what the word freedom meant. I said, “America.”